Bulk Beef by the whole, half, or quarter

Priced $4.49 per pound hanging weight.

Pasture finished beef is a seasonal product and top quality depends on the animals eating very high quality forage in the three months or so before processing. In Texas because of the very hot and dry conditions in Summer we process our beef primarily in late Spring and late Fall after they have been on lush pastures for several months. Depending on the weather and pasture conditions we will sometimes have beeves ready to process at other times.

We take orders on beeves and will notify you when they will be ready for processing. A deposit is required at ordering with the remainder due at delivery.

Deposit schedule for bulk beef:

Our prices include processing at a Texas State Inspected processor, packaging in heavy duty freezer wrap and paper (Cryovac packaging available at additional cost), and delivery in the Fort Worth / Arlington area. When comparing prices please be sure to include all these since they are left off of many farms base price for whole beeves.

Example of quarter from a 599 pound hanging weight beef: